Parent physically assaults Texas teacher, rips mask off her face

A teacher for the Eanes Independent School District was physically assaulted by a parent who ripped a mask off her face. 

Another teacher was verbally assaulted by parents who claimed they could not understand what the teacher was saying while her face was covered.

"This type of behavior will not be tolerated in Eanes ISD. Our staff are on the front lines of this pandemic; let’s give them some space and grace," Eanes ISD Superintendent Dr. Tom Leonard wrote in a letter to the community. "Please, I am asking everyone to be not fight mask wars in our schools."

Eanes ISD is following the current Travis County order requiring mandatory masking

Unless the Texas Supreme Court eventually rules this order is superseded by an executive order from the Governor, the Travis County order presently mandates masks in all schools in Travis County.

The school district recommends universal indoor masking for all teachers, staff, students, and visitors. However, Dr. Tom Leonard wrote in his letter to the community that the order does not have any legal methods to enforce the wearing of masks. 

"Mandate or no mandate, law or no law, governor or no governor, county judge or no county judge, superintendent or no superintendent - children and adults in our schools are doing what they believe is best for themselves and our community." Dr. Tom Leonard wrote. "That said, parents should understand some students and staff - hopefully very few, particularly in elementary schools - may not be in masks. We will encourage and highly recommend masks, but we cannot apply consequences for non-compliance."

The Eanes ISD Superintendent ends his letter by asking if any adults choose to disagree and fight among themselves to please take it outside, off campuses, and out of the schools.

"During this difficult time, let’s provide a respectful oasis on our buses, in our schools, and on our campuses. The children are watching and learning how we behave, so let’s make the time our students spend in school a joyful and positive experience."

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