Parents' plea for justice in daughter's hit & run death

Mike and Karen Flynn want justice for their daughter Carly, who was killed by a hit-and-run driver.  

The 29-year-old San Bruno woman was killed as she was walking home from the Bay Hill Shopping Center when a driver in a white SUV struck her in December.

Now the parents have made a heartfelt plea.

"She was the kindest, sweetest, most caring person you could ever meet,” said Mike Flynn.
The Flynn’s describe their daughter as a shy, gentle soul who volunteered at the Peninsula Humane Society.

They say she chose to adopt her cat Decker, because the older black cat was unlikely to find a home.

The couple tells KTVU they are still in disbelief that Carly lost her life suddenly.
"I go through the motions, thinking she's still there, it’s constantly on our minds," says Karen Flynn.

On December 19th around 5:30 p.m., San Bruno Police say someone in a white SUV struck Carly as she was in the crosswalk on San Bruno Avenue just steps from making it to the curb.

She was walking home, which was only two blocks away, after getting her daily cup of coffee at Starbucks in the Bayhill Shopping Center.

Investigators say the driver never stopped.

"It's angering. It's somewhat hard to accept that a member of our community would chose to act in that matter and leave a family with so much difficulty and so much unfinished business," says Lt. Ryan Johansen with San Bruno Police.
On Christmas Eve, Carly's organs were donated, giving life to three women and an 11-year-old boy.

Her parents say their beloved daughter lives on in those she helped.

And in the artwork she created as a painter and illustrator.

The Flynn’s have a message for the hit and run driver.
"It's not too late to step up and do the right thing. It's not too late to come forward and redeem yourself,” says Mike Flynn.
"Do the right thing Give Carly some peace. Give us a little peace," says Karen Flynn.

The couple has set up an online account to raise money for a reward for information leading to an arrest.

Police say they do have surveillance video but decline to release details.

Investigators say they need the public's help in finding the driver.