Parents renew plea in 2008 San Francisco cold case, police share new information

It's been 14 years since 23-year-old Jordan McKay was attacked and shot while riding his bicycle in San Francisco and the killers have never been caught.

Police tell KTVU there's a new development and the suspects in this cold case may be involved in other crimes

Judith and Matt McKay say they have confidence the case will be solved. They shared photos of their son with KTVU.  They said Jordan was embarking on life after college when he was killed.

They said he embraced life and loved his family.

"It's incredible how much of a whole he's left in our lives," said Matt McKay, Jordan's father.  

On September 17, 2008, around 1:40 in the morning, Jordan was riding his bicycle along 15th Avenue at Cabrillo in the Richmond District.  He was on his way home from work as a computer animator.  

San Francisco police cold case investigators returned to the crime scene with a KTVU crew and described what happened to Jordan.

"They pulled up in front of him, accosted him and tried to take his bike. The guy takes out a gun and shoots him. They flee southbound on 15th," Investigator Dan Cunningham said at least three young men drove up in a light-colored Chevy Impala. They attacked Jordan and he fought back.

After being shot once, he went door to door looking for help before he collapsed and died.

Investigators said they recently confirmed that this cold case has ties to an attempted carjacking in the East Bay about an hour before Jordan was killed.  

"That vehicle and the individuals involved in that crime closely resembled the individuals involved in Jordan's homicide," Investigator Daniel Dedet, "We feel fairly strongly they may have been the same individuals involved both crimes. "

Police said the attempted carjacking suspects were never caught and the vehicle used in Jordan's case was found torched the day after in the Bayview and determined to be stolen.

Investigators said they're looking at retesting for DNA on items from the crime scene.

"We have an idea who's involved.  We don't have the evidence to corroborate it," said Cunningham.  

"He climbed on a rock and I just took the photograph. It was a wonderful weekend," Judith McKay remembered as she held a photo of Jordan in Santa Cruz. 

Jordan's parents said they've coped with their loss by cherishing their memories of him.

"What we've done is gone on and not live there, not live in the street where he died, not live in that moment in time and just bring him with us in the life that we have," said Jordan's mother. 

"The main thing we hope for is that this person is not on the street to do more damage and have another family lose as we have los," said his father Matt McKay.

Recently, police more than doubled the reward to $150,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for killing Jordan.

His parents said they' just don't want the suspects to be able to harm anyone else.