Passenger strips, touches himself next to rideshare driver

Two recent incidents involving ridesharing passengers in San Francisco have prompted a driver and his daughter to speak out about safety concerns.

They shared with KTVU dashcam videos that they said showed that it's not only passengers who are exposed to potentially dangerous situations. 

Dong Hwang said he's been driving for Uber and Lyft only since March. 

He makes a living picking up 30 passengers a day. 

But two encounters including one Wednesday have left him concerned.

"Inside my head, very, very confused," said Hwang.  Confused after the 64-year--old  
picked up an Uber passenger along 19th Avenue near Stonestown shopping center in San Francisco around 2:45am. The Korean immigrant shared with us his dash cam video that captured the disturbing incident. 

Because Hwang speaks limited English, his daughter Ion describes what the passenger did in her father's vehicle.  

"He started changing in the back seat. Then he ended up undressing himself.  He climbed to the front
passenger seat. He basically started touching himself," said Ion.  

Hwang said he still drove the man to his destination, concerned that if he canceled the ride, there would be consequences with Uber  and the passenger may retaliate.

"I smile because if I angry, he more angry," said Hwang.

Less than four weeks earlier, Hwang said he drove a Lyft passenger who was throwing up while she was in his vehicle.  He pulled over at Market and Noe Streets and got out to take photos to get proof for Lyft as to what happened. The woman punched him several times in the head.   
"Often times, people are focussed on the passenger safety but people have to realize the drivers are the also the same people the passengers are," said Ion. 

Hwang says despite the two incidents, he likes driving and plans to continue working with Uber and Lyft.  Both ridesharing companies said they took immediate action and banned the passengers involved in these incidents.