Patriots jersey burning party organized in response to protest

A New England Patriots jersey burning party was held at a Swansea, Massachusetts home in response to recent protests by the team, reports WBZ in Boston.

Mark Shane, who appears in the video but is not speaking, organized the event after witnessing 20 Patriots players take a knee during the national anthem at Sunday’s home field matchup with the Houston Texans. Shane thought the team “always stayed above this kind of nonsense” and was shocked when he witnessed the statement.

And so dozens gathered to burn jerseys while folks chanted USA, said the Pledge of Allegiance and displayed varying sizes of the American flag.

"I think it was a great success,” Shane said to reporters. “I think people were united, I think people love our country, and it sends a great message to the NFL in any divisive-type actions will not be tolerated during sports-sporting events."