Patterson homeowner shoots, kills intoxicated intruder

The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting in which a woman allegedly used a newly acquired gun to kill an intruder.

According to officials, the homeowner shot and killed an intruder in self-defense to protect her husband, who was fighting to keep the intruder out of their home.

Police say they were called to the scene on the 500 block of Ashwood Lane on Saturday at 10:20 p.m. When they arrived they located the victim in the entryway of the home. 

After a preliminary investigation, officials say 22-year-old Patterson resident, Angelo Santana, was heavily intoxicated and then tried to break into the home. 

Yang Luan, 45, one of the homeowners tried to stop Santana from entering the home, but got into a fight with him. While the two men were fighting, Yuhui Zheng, 50, another homeowner got a gun from upstairs. Zheng fired all rounds in the gun at Santana. 

Zheng had acquired the gun the previous day, the sheriff's office said.

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Santana was not armed at the time of the shooting. He reportedly had a history of alcohol substance abuse, and would regularly show-up unannounced trying to find friends in the same neighborhood.

No arrests have been made as initial findings indicate that the shooting was self-defense, according to the sheriff's office. The homeowners are cooperating with the investigation.