Person injured in San Leandro freeway shooting on I-580

The California Highway Patrol investigating the most recent shooting on Interstate Highway 580 in San Leandro. 

The gunfire was reported about 4 p.m. on Thursday in the eastbound direction. 

Investigators say one person was wounded in the shooting and was treated at Eden Medical Center.

That person is expected to survive. No arrests have been announced.

This shooting follows in the heels of another freeway shooting along the same freeway on June 15.

Garrett Mason and his fiance, Tina Do, were driving along Interstate 580 from Oakland to Pleasanton to see their chiropractor when somewhere between Grand Avenue and 150th Avenue, the driver of a car ran through a four-way stop.

The passenger in that car shot a gun out their window at another car, and Mason and Do were caught in the crossfire. The engaged couple wasn't hurt, but they were terrified, and their dashcam video captured the terrifying moments.

There were 144 freeway shootings in the Bay Area's nine counties in 2021, according to California Highway Patrol documents obtained by KTVU through a California Public Records request. 

Nearly 70% of those shootings occurred in the two East Bay counties of Alameda and Contra Costa counties, the data shows. 

The CHP arrested suspects in 11% of last year's cases.