Tragedy on Treasure Island: One killed in San Francisco fireworks explosion

San Francisco police are investigating a deadly incident involving fireworks on Treasure Island.

Overnight video shows the aftermath following the fireworks' explosion on Treasure Island. San Francisco police confirm officers were called to the scene just 40 minutes into the new year, following reports of a person injured by the explosion. 

Police said they began life-saving efforts shortly after arriving near Exposition Drive and Gateview Avenue, but it was too late. The victim was declared dead at the scene. 

"It's so tragic," said neighbor Siddeig Abdellah.

Neighbors said they heard a series of pops and bangs overnight, at first thinking it might have been gunfire.  "Yeah, at midnight I hear fire, fireworks," Abdellah. "Yeah, and suddenly I hear the ambulance coming."

Witnesses to the explosion, who didn't want to share their identity, said in Spanish they were worried, and tried to warn those setting off the fireworks. "From what I could see, there were people watching, there was adult supervision, but they were not taking the proper precautions that they should've been taking."

At this time, investigators aren't releasing the victim's name, but neighbors said the whole community is grieving. "Really at this time of year and New Year's Eve. It's really just such a tragedy for the family there," Abdellah said.

San Francisco firefighters aren't commenting on this specific incident, saying it's under investigation by police; but do say every year thousands of people nationwide are hurt or killed by illegal fireworks shows that don't follow the same safety protocols of professional shows. 

"For this reason, we ask that people not engage in the use of fireworks at all and that you look in your community for other options," said Capt. Jonathan Baxter from San Francisco's Fire Department.

Neighbors tell KTVU the victim was young, possibly a teenager. At this time, investigators aren't releasing further details about the victim.


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