Persons of interest in custody in SF Sutro Baths assault on Millbrae councilman

There has been an update to a story we brought to you in June when a Millbrae councilman was the victim of an attack.

The incident was shocking; an attacker hurled a chunk of concrete at Millbrae city Councilman Anders Fung three months ago at San Francisco's Sutro Baths. That chunk of concrete sent the councilman to the hospital with a two-inch gash on his head and a neck. 

Now there's word of a significant development in the search for the suspects. "It's my understanding that two persons of interest are now in custody and they're trying to identify these individuals and see if [there are] any connections to this case," said Councilman Fung.

US Park Police are heading the investigation, and issued a bulletin following the attack with the photos Fung's family snapped of the potential suspects as they walked away from the attack. 

The bulletin says the suspects were spotted tagging a location above Fung when the concrete block was thrown down at him. 

Then early Thursday morning, San Francisco police said they spotted a tagger who had scrawled out the same graffiti as the attackers and arrested an adult male and a juvenile on felony graffiti charges. The juvenile may be connected with the attack on Councilman Fung.

"San Francisco Police Department has maintained a list of all these suspects, these persons of interest who they've been tracking in terms of their graffiti units. And that's the fruit of their collaboration in this case," said Councilman Fung.

US Park Police said their detectives are following up on the new information provided by San Francisco police, and that the new developments highlight the importance of the close working relationship between the law enforcement agencies.

For his part, Councilman Fung said he's recovered from the attack, but is dedicated to seeing that similar attacks don't happen to others. "I do believe that it is incumbent on the elected officials, right, and the policymakers to ensure that public safety is on the top of our agenda," said Councilman Fung. "Ensuring people's safety is our number one priority."

While there has been a significant development in this case, US Park Police stress this is an open investigation, and they've not made any arrests on this case. They are still asking anyone with information on this incident to come forward with what they know.