PG&E customers will see lower electric bills this summer

Pacific Gas and Electric customers have seen their electric bills rise, but the utility company will bring some relief during the summer.

The electric company announced on Wednesday that it will decrease rates by 9% on July 1. The change is temporary, allowing customers to save on their bills during the hot summer months. That decrease could be beneficial, especially in service areas that experience extreme summer heat, like the Central Valley, where customers tend to use more energy to cool their homes.

"We are always looking for ways we can help make energy service more affordable for customers," said Vincent Davis, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience. "This is a temporary rate change, but we know it is coming at the right time, especially for customers who live in hotter climates and have higher bills during the summer months."

The move comes after the California Public Utilities Commission voted in May to allow big investor-owned utilities, including Pacific Gas and Electric, to add a fixed charge to people’s power bills each month. The charge will pay for installing and maintaining the equipment necessary to transmit electricity to homes. However, the change does not take effect until early 2026 for Pacific Gas and Electric customers.