Phoenix teen back on the basketball court, following brain surgery to treat seizure

A 17-year-old basketball player is back on the court, just one month after undergoing brain surgery.

James Franklin, Jr. suffered from seizures, so doctors removed part of his brain in an effort to stop them.

"They didn't expect me to be here, to be honest with you," said Franklin, Jr.

Franklin, Jr. is, in a way, a walking miracle. He had a stroke shortly after birth that left scar tissue on his brain. Those scar tissues reportedly caused seizures, meaning his mother and father always had to watch him.

Franklin, Jr. had a seizure on the court last December, as his father, James Franklin, Sr., looked on.

"I ran down the bleachers and got him before he fell," said Franklin, Sr.

The family decided to head to Riley Hospital for Children, where they met doctors Jodi Smith and Kelly Kremer.

"We wanted to find that area of the brain that was causing seizures, and if possible, take it out," said Smith.

Tests showed removing the part of the brain with seizure activity would not affect Franklin, Jr.'s motor skills. His biggest concern being whether he would be able to play basketball after surgery.

James hasn't had a single seizure since the surgery.