Photos: Faithful 49er fans, including babies and dogs, dress out in red and gold

Faithful 49ers fans are pysched for the NFC Championship Game Sunday and showed off their spirit by sporting lots of red and gold.

More than 500 49ers fans submitted photos to us, showing off their swag and old-school jackets.

There are plenty of babies dressed up in 49ers gear, and even a terrier, too! 

The 49ers host the Detroit Lions on Sunday at 3:30 p.m. for a spot in the Super Bowl.

Edric Kwong's son is faithful. 

Stephen L Ashford and his baby at Levi's Stadium. 

Cristina Galicia Erickson's three Niner dogs. 

Tammy Zavala Lujan said her three grandchildren are in the 49er locker room. This was an amazing experience for them.

Rose Garcia sent us this photo of her daughter and dog. 

Jesus Pena and his son. 

Cynthia Garcia and her Caltrans Niners gang. 

Elena Moreno loves her 49ers. 

Eddie Chavez and his sweetheart love the 49ers. 

Wendy Mudzinski and her Niners clan. 

Bianca Velasquez-Perez's two cuties. 

Bernadette BeBe Regalado and fellow Niners fan. 

Imelda Garcia's older son loves the Niners too. 

Imelda Garcia's baby boy decked out in red and gold. 

Tanya Fernandes loves the 49ers. 

Lorie Paulino Devis is an authentic Niners fan. 

Kim Strimlan Northrop sent in this Niners baby dressed in red. 

Kelly Thalee and her Niners pals. 

Divina Razo-Vega sent us this photo of baby Naomi cheering for the Niners. 

Rick Perez sent us this photo of an adorable NIners fan. 

Jesse Pizano holds his Niner baby. 

Jared Ioane Lee So'oto and family want the Quest for Six. 

Carolyn Ross sent us this man all blinged out in 49ers gear. 

Lorie Paulino Devis are sporting red and gold! 

Teresa Chavez snapped a photo with Sal Castaneda under a tent.

Gata Negra said 'Do it for the Bay." 

Cynthia Garcia made her 49ers fanship official. 

Jessica Bizicki's kids are geared up for the game. 

Kathy Cardoza Hughes's terrier is a 49ers fan. 

You gotta start young. Jessica Bizicki sent her entire family decked out in 49ers gear. 

Henry Perez and his buddies tailgate before a 49ers game. 

Lisa J. Watson decked out in Niners gear and scarf. 

Coral McQueen and 49ers buddies. 

Adorable photo sent by Jessie Garcia of human and canine 49ers fans.

Lilia Munoz sent us a photo of her 49ers family. 

Renee Marie Phillips and her buddies stand under a Bud Light sign. 

Tara McCoy at a 49ers game with an unnamed man. 

Niners fan Maria Acosta dons a T-shirt and sent it in especially for KTVU anchor Sal Castaneda to see.