Piedmont adding new network of surveillance cameras on city streets

One of Oakland's neighboring cities, Piedmont, will add a new network of surveillance cameras on its city streets.

The cameras will capture and record a 360-degree view of five main intersections.

Piedmont is installing three to four cameras at Grand and Oakland avenues; Grand and Rose avenues; Grand and Wildwood avenues; Moraga and Highland avenues; and St. James Place and Park Boulevard.

They'll be recording video 24 hours a day. The video will be saved for about 90 days before it's erased.

Piedmont already had cameras up at Grand and Oakland avenues as part of a pilot program in 2021. 

The police chief says it’s helped them solve at least two violent robberies since then.

"One that occurred when a 9-year-old was pushed over and a masked gunman entered the house," Chief Jeremy Bowers said. 

The cameras allowed police to freeze-frame the car and get the plate number. The person was ultimately arrested and convicted, he said.

The cameras cost about $210,000 to install. 

Piedmont police say they'll be in full operation by next month. Investigators will share their video with Oakland and other police departments, to help with their investigations.

Piedmont police say the cameras will not use facial recognition technology.