Pilot goes on intercom rant after election-related fight on plane

The captain of a United Airlines flight used the intercom system to tell passengers to leave politics at the door after a reported post-election scuffle broke out onboard.

The plane was headed from San Francisco to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, when a man reportedly said something about being 'glad to have kept his guns' to an African American woman who began to cry and get into some sort of altercation with the man, according to a person who posted video of the aftermath of the incident on YouTube.

After the pair were separated, the captain made a statement over the intercom that another passenger recorded:  “I understand everybody has their opinions; that’s fine. If you support him, great. If you don’t, I understand," said the captain in reference to president-elect Donald Trump. "However, we’re out here to go to Puerto Vallarta, supposed to be having a good time, and what I do ask is that as people we have the common decency to respect each others’ decisions and to get along on this three hour and 13 minute flight so that we can have a good time when we get down there.”

He continued:  "When cooler heads prevail and we can talk and realize we are all human beings, and we can all stick together, and we can all pull for this country in our own way, then that is what we should do.  If anybody has a problem with this, that needs to vent or rant or rave — there's another flight tomorrow."

United Airlines spokesperson Maggie King released the following statement to a San Francisco station:  “The pilot was made aware of an incident onboard and used the intercom to diffuse the situation and insure the safety of everyone onboard. The flight continued without any further reports of disturbance.”