Pitbull attacks Battalion Chief

A battalion chief with the Alameda County Fire Department is in serious condition after being attacked by a Pitbull at the scene of a house fire in unincorporated San Leandro. Fire officials said the battalion chief lost the lower left side of his face in the attack.

Fire crews responded to reports of a house fire at about 9:30 Saturday morning on Maubert Avenue. Jai Williams and his 15-year-old sister Tre escaped out of a second-story window. Once out, Williams’ concern immediately turned to their 20 dogs: 3 adult dogs, 9 six-month-old puppies, and eight 2-week old puppies. Two of the puppies died from smoke inhalation; the rest escaped.

Across the street, while being interviewed by a battalion chief, Tre Williams had their 1-and-a-half year old Pitbull on a leash, when the dog jumped up and bit the chief in the face. The chief was taken to Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley and is expected to undergo a number of surgeries to repair the damage.

“He’s conscious and he’s talking, saying small words to his wife and son,” said fire division chief Alan Evans.

Tre Williams said Coda was reacting out of fear. “He didn’t understand what was happening and he was scared because we couldn’t get him out of the house,” Tre Williams explained.

All 18 surviving dogs were taken into custody by animal control. An investigation will determine if any of them can be returned to the Williams’ home.Jai and Tre Williams said they lost everything in the fire and feel terrible about what happened to the battalion chief.

“He’s a Pit,” said Tre Williams. “And Pits usually come across as violent but they’re very sweet. Today’s just been a very unpleasant day.”