Police: Buckeye couple arrested after their children were found living in filthy conditions

WARNING: This article contains graphic details related to allegations of child abuse. Discretion is advised.

BUCKEYE, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- A Buckeye couple is facing child abuse charges, as police say their three children were living in filthy conditions.

According to court documents, Alsatia Inks, 23, and Zachary Michael Pacheco, 27, are being charged with three counts of child abuse-related charges, and three counts of endangerment-related charges. The two were arrested on the night October 5, at their home in Buckeye.

Court documents state Buckeye Police received a call on the afternoon on October 5, regarding two children who were found. The caller said the two came to her home, and did not know where their parents were. According to court documents, one of the children, identified as a two-year-old girl, only wore a diaper and was covered in excrements. The other child, identified as a five-year-old boy, was naked.

Court documents say police officers later went to the home next door, entered the home via an open door, and saw Inks at her computer, with headphones on, inside the master bedroom with the door shut and locked. Also in the master bedroom was another five-year-old girl.

While officers were inside the home, court documents state they found "gross and disgusting" living conditions inside the house, with food all over the floor of the living room, and the floor of the kitchen covered in, among other things, chocolate milk, rice, and noodles. The kids' bedrooms contained left food, spoiled food, toys, clothes, dirty diapers, and trash. 

The children, according to court documents, were taken to the hospital, and eventually taken into DCS emergency custody. Court documents also state that Pacheco blamed the kids for making the home this way, while Inks said she did not know the kids were out of the house, until police knocked on the door. She also said she understood why police were investigating, and said she needed to "change her ways".