Police: Car intentionally slams into and kills woman at Santa Rosa homeless encampment

Santa Rosa police on Wednesday said that a deadly crash that killed a woman sleeping at a homeless encampment was intentional.

"We have been meeting with witnesses, we had our field evidence technician come to the scene itself for any additional evidence," said Sgt. Christopher Mahurin. 

Police also identified the suspect involved in the crash as Clifford Adams, in his 40s. He is at large. 

"I don’t believe he’s armed and dangerous but obviously don’t contact him if you see him, contact the police department and we’ll go do the rest," Mahurin said.

Investigators say the incident began with a fight between two men Tuesday night.

Police later found that the assailant came back after the fight and found the male victim standing next to the woman.  

Police say the suspect then got into a car, drove down Roberts Avenue, crossed two eastbound lanes, and ran into both of them, injuring the man's leg and ended up running over the woman and a tent she was standing in front of along Roberts Avenue.

The area leads to Joe Rodota Trail.

The woman was pinned under the car and had to be extricated from firefighters, but she died at the scene.

The driver then left the car and ran away.

"We don't know any speeds at this point," said Mahurin. "We have our speed evidence technicians who are collecting information, photographs, and all the evidence out here."

Authorities were first told that the initial fight may have involved a shooting, but officers found no evidence of gunfire.

"We’re still trying to find the exact motivation that led him to drive through that tent," said Mahurin. "We do know that the two that got into the initial fight do know each other but we’re not sure what caused the argument."

The victim in the fight was taken to the hospital, with non-life-threatening injuries.