Police ID carjacking suspect who was armed with airsoft replica and fatally shot by officers

The carjacking suspects firearm was later determined to be a full metal airsoft replica of a Berretta M9 pistol. (Newark Police Department) 

Newark police on Friday identified the carjacking suspect who was fatally shot by officers from their department as well as Fremont police officers earlier this month. 

Elmer Lopez-Castenada, 19, of Newark, was shot and killed on April 13, by four law enforcement officers, who have now been identified. Police had previously disclosed the suspect was armed with a metal airsoft replica of a Berretta M9 pistol. The shooting happened near the Chase Suites Hotel on Cedar Boulevard in Newark.

The officers involved are; Agent Trevor Damewood of Newark Police Department, Detective Anthony Piol, Detective Jesse Hartman, and Agent Thomas Degenstein, all of the Fremont Police Department. 

None of these officers are rookies and have either five or 11 years experience on their respective forces. 

Police said in the moments leading up to the shooting, the suspect had what appeared to be a gun in his waistband and was not compliant with police commands. Police said the suspect drew the replica gun, which led to officers firing their weapons. 

Police offered details about the initial carjacking and said it took place February 14 on the 5700 block of Thornton Avenue in Newark. In a statement, police said Lopez-Castenada carjacked a victim who was dropping off their child at school. Police said a teenage victim, who was inside the vehicle, was forced out at knife point and the suspect fled in the carjacked vehicle.  

California's Attorney General Rob Bonta is investigating this case in addition to both police departments involved, who are conducting internal and independent investigations. 

An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported the age of the carjacking victim. We regret the error.