Police: Man posted on wife's Facebook to cover up killing

Investigators say a Florida man killed his wife and tried to cover up the crime by making posts on her Facebook page.

According to a police report, 42-year-old George Joseph McShane was arrested Tuesday in Orlando after officers found him inside his running SUV, which was parked in his garage.  They believe he was  attempting to kill himself.

Police removed McShane from the SUV and found the body of Kristen McShane dead in the couple's bed, covered with a comforter.

McShane told detectives he logged into his wife's Facebook account and posted, "I can't believe I dropped my phone in the toilet... message me here, til I can get it fixed,"  so family and friends wouldn't worry if she didn't respond.   In hindsight, Kristen's parent said something didn't seem right.  

"He was trying to use her words.  They really didn't sound like her,"  Toby Myers, Kirsten's father, explained.

Myers described his daughter as a beloved mother, daughter and friend. 

"She was a loving, caring person, and the best mom in the world," he said. "She never met a stranger.  Everyone she met instantly liked her; most people she knew loved her."

“We don’t think Kristen let us know everything that was going on.  So if someone is in a situation like that, reach out and let them know,” said Penny Myers, Kristen’s stepmother. 

The Myers said that the couple was struggling in their marriage but still living in the same home.

Friends and family of Kirsten McShane have created a Go Fund Me account to assist with finances related to her two children, ages 4 and 7, the youngest of whom has cystic fibrosis. 

McShane is charged with second-degree murder and domestic battery by strangulation.