Police: Nearly 30 car windows damaged in apparent BB gun vandalism in American Canyon

Photo courtesy of American Canyon police.

Fingerprints on a piece of a b.b. gun may help catch vandals who shot out the windows of dozens of cars in the North Bay. 

The vandalism spree happened between 1 and 4 a.m. Friday on the east side of American Canyon. 

"School has been out for a couple of weeks, it could have been some kids, nothing better to do, " said resident Lucy Like, who didn't realize until she arrived home from work Friday evening, the driver's side window of her R.V was blown out. 

She called police and an officer arrived to take a report. 

"It bummed me out, so I thought I would call and see if someone else around here had the same problem," said Luke. 

In fact, at least 30 other drivers in her subdivision were vandalized the same way, by someone shooting from a moving car at their parked cars.  

Vehicles were left vehicles with dents and punctures, as well as broken windows, in a two square mile area. 

"I know this is a safe place so I am surprised," victim Lea Bulaun told KTVU, surveying the broken glass around her minivan. 

Nothing was taken from any of the vandalized cars, but owners must spend time and money getting them fixed.  

"We are insured but we still have to pay the deductible, as far as I know $100," said Bulaun. 

"We've collected some evidence it was a b..b. gun that we'll be submitting for fingerprints, " said American Canyon Police Chief Oscar Ortiz, who is also asking residents with surveillance cameras to check their video for any images of the suspects or their vehicle.     

Ortiz says officers on patrol first spotted a shattered window about 4 a.m. and saturated the area, but were unable to catch the shooter in the act. 

"Folks are angry, and understandably so," said Chief Ortiz, "because people  American Canyon police chief

People have to sleep so they can go to work in the morning, and apparently someone doesn't have to sleep so they can drive around and do property damage, so it's frustrating." 

And the overnight vandalism may not be isolated. One victim says it's his second time this week.

"I told my wife, and my wife said, 'oh my God, it happened again,'".said Sonny Lopez, alongside his car, where a tarp covers the gaping hole. 

Another vehicle he owns had a rear window shot out, and is newly replaced, with tape still on it. 

"What's happening, what's happening here in our place," wondered Lopez, who was not looking forward to a second call to his insurance company. 

Police want every victim to file a report. They're handling them collectively- as one crime: felony vandalism.    

Some residents may move vehicles into garages or at least off the street onto a driveway.

But that's not an option for the big motor home owned by Lucy Luke, and she is unnerved by the reckless gunplay.  

"Lucky they're not hitting anyone else, someone in the car you know, it's horrible," said Luke. 

Anyone with related information is asked to call American Canyon police at 707-648-0171. Additionally, if you are a victim, call the same number and reference case # 18-2593.