Police say reports that woman was stabbed at Berkeley protests are false

In a battle of tweets, Berkeley police said today that reports on social media that a woman was stabbed by an antifa member at a protest outside of conservative radio host Ben Shapiro's speech at the University of California at Berkeley on Thursday night are false.

Berkeley police said in a tweet today that, "Online accounts surrounding a stabbing at last night's protest are false."

Right-wing activist Kyle Chapman, known as the "Based Stick Man," started the rumor this morning by tweeting, "A Ben Shapiro supporter was stabbed in the neck by Antifa terrorists last night in Berkeley CA."

Chapman, a 41-year-old Daly City man who's charged with felony possession of a leaded cane for allegedly brandishing a leaded stick at a rally in Berkeley in March, described the woman's attacker as a "demon scum leftist" and asked people to "please pray 4her."

But Berkeley police said in another tweet today that the woman "fell and wasn't pushed."

Police said, "No fight. That is what she told us at the scene. These are the actual facts."

Chapman is free on $135,000 bail and is scheduled to return to court on Oct. 12 for a hearing at which prosecutors are to turn over evidence in his case to his attorney.

Berkeley police said nine people were arrested in protests before, during and after Shapiro's speech at Zellerbach Playhouse on Thursday night for alleged offenses that include carrying banned weapons, battery on a peace officer, disturbing the peace and public intoxication.

Police said there were no reports of injuries or property damage.