Police say teen murdered grandfather over TV show

A Florida teenager is accused of second-degree murder, and could be charged as an adult, in the beating death of his grandfather. 

Authorities say Stuart Womack Jr., 17, is accused of killing William Womack Sr., 69, following an argument over a television program.

FOX 35 spoke to suspect’s uncle, who is also the victim’s son. He tells us the family is crushed by this, but they want to help the teenager get through the criminal charges he is now facing, and they still love him.

“We are all raw and very upset and hurt by the actions that have happened,” said William Womack Jr. “We need time to both grieve and to deal with the situation.” 

The motive in this case, explained in a Titusville police report, was about something on TV. 

"The defendant got into an an argument with his biological grandfather over watching a television show,"  the report describes.  It goes on to explain that the brutal beating unfolded at the home on Hazelwood Court.

The teen reportedly confessed to grabbing multiple objects and using them to attack his grandfather, including: a jar full of pennies; glass bottles; a bottle of detergent; and a yard stick.  Then police say the teen used his closed fists. 

The State Attorney's Office says it is reviewing the case details closely and might charge the suspect as an adult. 

Womack Jr. says his nephew has mental health issues.  He added that the family is not turning their back on the young man, but rather, they are trying to help him through this too. 

“We want to protect my nephew as best as we can and that’s where we want to leave it for now,” he added.

The state attorney has 21 days to decide if they will charge Stuart Womack Jr. as a juvenile or an adult.