Police search for suspects in drone store heist

 SANTA CLARA (KTVU) -- Police are hoping surveillance video will help catch thieves who broke into a Santa Clara drone store.

It's not the first time the chain's been targeted and now security experts are worried where the drones could end up.

In 90 seconds, two masked theives pop open a front glass window, crawl in and grab $5,000 worth of drones and merchandise from the Drones Plus Store in Santa Clara., The store opened last month.

"When I was first notified," said Store Manager Armin Monajemi. "They said they were Santa Clara Police and before they said what happened, I was pretty sure there was a break-in at our store because I was expecting it."

This is the fourth break-in for the chain in weeks. Over the weekend, in Vancouver, someone tried to break in with a car. Last month, in Studio City, several suspects stole thousands of dollars worth of drones.

"These guys wants to get their hands on a hot piece that everyone is talking about right now," said Monajemi. "They do know the value of these things and they know that they sell very easily."

With the rise in thefts come rising concerns over security.

Herb Lin studies cybersecurity and terrorist attacks at Stanford and calls the thefts worrisome. Last month, the Department of Homeland Security alerted law enforcment that drones could be used as weapons in an attack to advance terrorist and criminal activities.

"Drones are a frightening technology," said Lin. "I don't ike drones being in the hands of criminals. As a technologist kind of guy, I an think of all kinds of interesting ways in making mischief and worse than just mischief with a drone."

Monajemi suspects the theives are opportunists who likely want to sell the drones on Craigslist. He doesn't believe the burglaries are connected. The store is upping its security game, putting all valuable drones priced as much as $6,000 in a fenced inventory cage with two different locks.

So far, none of the suspects in any of the heists have been caught.