Police searching for woman who stabbed reporter in San Jose's Willow Glen neighborhood

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San Jose police are looking for a woman who allegedly stabbed a man, described by his next-door neighbor as a Mercury News reporter, early Friday morning in Willow Glen, sending him to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Officer Albert Morales said the man was stabbed in the 800 block of Redbird Drive at 2:20 a.m. 

Video taken at the scene shows police officers with dogs investigating the neighborhood looking for the suspect, who took off.  

Next-door neighbor Dan Garvey told KTVU that the man, who he said works for the Mercury News, came to his door covered in blood. Garvey said the reporter had invited the woman over, had met her earlier in the night and for some reason, decided to attack him several times in the upper body. He lived in the back unit of the home. Garvey said there were "several stab wounds." 

"Pretty bad. I think several stab wounds. I don't know how many. My girlfriend was basically keeping him calm and I was trying to get the cops in and that was basically it," Garvey said. 

KTVU is not naming the man at this point. The Mercury News also confirmed the account but declined to name him. An executive editor for the paper says everyone there is concerned about the man and that they're doing what they can to support him and his family.

"We don't know whether the victim's profession had anything to do with this and again we are following up on all leads that we have in this case," said Officer Morales. 

The motive and circumstances surrounding the assault are under investigation. 

Neighbors said the area is usually very quiet. Garvey said in 20 years, nothing like this has ever happened.