Phoenix shooting leaves 9 officers hurt, woman critically injured; barricaded suspect dead

An hours-long barricade situation in south Phoenix left nine police officers injured, one woman critically injured and the suspected gunman dead early Friday morning, officials said.

The incident began after a woman had reportedly been shot in a home near 54th Avenue and Elwood just after 2 a.m. on Feb. 11. When an officer approached the house, a suspect inside reportedly opened fire, hitting him multiple times.

At some point during the standoff, a man inside the home walked out and placed a baby on the ground before being detained. He was seen on video walking outside dropping the child off, then walking toward police with his hands up.

Four more officers were shot when they tried to bring the baby to safety, and officials say police fired back towards the suspected gunman.  At least three other officers were hurt by bullet shrapnel, police said.


After several hours, officers were able to get inside the home and found the suspect dead inside, along with a woman who had critical injuries.

Four of the officers are in stable condition, and one is in serious but stable condition. The officers hit by shrapnel stayed at the scene until the barricade situation was over.

The baby was not hurt.

No names have been released in this case.

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