Police start gofundme for teen who walked 2 hours to work

A story of a Vallejo teenager who walked to work until he was gifted a bicycle by police officers has gone viral and prompted the creation of a gofundme campaign.

Jourdan Duncan, 18, would walk to work two hours each way for his warehouse job in Benicia until Benicia Police Corporal Kirk Keffer took notice. Keffer and the Benicia Police Officer’s Association gifted Duncan a new bicycle and the story has since gone viral.

“I thought everyone was going to forget about me,” Duncan said. “It’s still going.”

Keffer said major news networks and shows have contacted him. There has also been interest from shows like the Ellen DeGeneres show. Duncan said there is a possibility he could receive a college scholarship.

“We’ve been receiving emails from all over the world, commending Jourdan on his hard work ethic,” Keffer said. “It’s just been a whirlwind of news agencies and stories and it’s been all over Facebook.”

Keffer said the attention prompted the Benicia Police Officer’s Association to create a gofundme Account for Duncan to fix his broken down car or to help him get a new one. The POA is also hoping the funds will help Duncan get on track toward his goal of attending the CHP Academy.

“It makes me feel pretty great and that so many people want to ask about my situation,” Duncan said.

Visit the gofundme page at https://www.gofundme.com/jourdanduncan