Police stepping up security at San Ramon's Cal High after threat

A Bay Area high school will have an increased police presence next week after a threatening message was discovered in a boy's bathroom Wednesday. The message said California High School in San Ramon would be shot up on May 9. This is the third serious threat at the school in recent months.

Administrators have removed the graffiti threat and notified parents. It was found in a restroom in the World Language building on campus. Extra officers will be on hand on May 9 and in the coming days.

Parents were dismayed Wednesday by an alert from school administrators after threatening words were found at California High School in San Ramon. 

“It’s frustrating that these threats continue across all the schools here and there in the Bay Area,” said Parent Poonam Rouillard. 

“There was graffiti found written on a bathroom wall that made reference to shooting up the school on a specific date,” said San Ramon Police Sgt. Robert Ransom.

A student shared a photo with KTVU of the threat, circulating on Snapchat. It reads, in black marker, “Cal will be shot up 5/9 final warning.”

“I think it’s pretty scary that your school could be shot, have a shooting like that” said Freshman Ariana Belloso.

Many students found out about the threat written in the boy’s bathroom of the World Language building from their parents. 

The school district said a student found it around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday and reported it to a staff member. Law enforcement was notified, then parents.

In an email, the district writes, “There is nothing more important to us than the safety of your students and the Cal High staff and campus. We are grateful that once again a student did the right thing.”

“Worried as a parent, always worried,” said Parent Amalia Naveed. “That's why I’m always praying for the safety of everyone.”

This isn't the first time. In April 2018, a freshman was arrested for planning a school shooting at Cal High on the anniversary of Columbine.  

Back in September, an anonymous threat was posted online. The FBI traced the posting's IP address to Europe.

“People think they are funny,” said Sophomore Amien Naveed. “It’s not a real threat but they think they are funny by trying to make people scared. That's not funny.”

“I will be on heightened alert on May 9, around May 9, just in case it is a serious threat,” said Rouillard. 

Parents are wondering if they're children should go to school.

“I’m not sure if I will bring my kid to school that day, we'll see,” said Rouillard. “I have to talk to my husband about it, but most likely not.”

Police are interviewing students and have found no other evidence to support the threat.

“We take these things very seriously,” said Sgt. Ransom. “We will be there at the school as we always are we will have some extra people there.”

Following the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida last year, the school district said it's instituted an anonymous tip line and hired a new safety coordinator. So far, police have no leads.