Pop-up market held for LGBTQ-owned small businesses in Sunnyvale

A Pride event showcasing LGBTQ+ -owned small businesses was held in Sunnyvale. The event also highlighted the talents of a local drag troupe.

On Wednesday night, the Rice Rockettes drag troupe performed at the Oasis Makers Fair held at Sunnyvale's TETRA Hotel. The troupe provided entertainment as people shopped with vendors who support the LGBTQ community. 

"We do like to volunteer at different organizations as well as showcasing our product. A portion of our proceeds always go towards the LGBTQ community and humane society," said James Wahl, J&R Scentuals. 

More than 20 vendors sold items including hand-made candles, clothing, baked goods, jewelry, and self-care products. Allyssa Farmer says she created bath essentials in 2020 to help herself unwind and then decided to share them with others.

"I’m a teacher, so it’s very important for me to relax and take care of myself in whatever way I can and taking a bath was my favorite thing to do," said Farmer. 

As the Rice Rockettes entertained, people also talked about why celebrating Pride Month is essential to the community. 

"Happy Pride to everybody! Just supporting the community and showing support to small business owners is very important to me, especially during these hard times," said Charmaine Milan, of San Jose.  

Abby Simon owns and operates Auntie’s Ice Candy and says providing a safe space for people to be authentic is what Pride month is all about. 

"So hopefully, by coming together as a community, it’ll empower other people to feel more comfortable about who they are and that’s the biggest thing," said Simon. 

TETRA Hotel says events like this are a part of its Oasis Maker Fair program, which is held quarterly to bring different communities together.  


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