Sunnyvale officer goes above and beyond

We took a ride around Sunnyvale with Detective Mary Cayori, and saw the city through her eyes.   When she sees a couple of young children crossing a parking lot she stops, to say hi.

East Bay musician performs in honor of son killed in Oakland

An East Bay musician performed in honor of his 24-year-old son gunned down in East Oakland. The shooting happened Monday and so far the gunman has not been caught and a motive has not been determined. KTVU's Azenith Smith reports Wednesday's summer concert in Sunnyvale was more for the victim's father than for fans. For him, it was his therapy.

Sunnyvale crash suspect set to face judge

The suspect accused of intentionally running down eight people at a busy intersection in Sunnyvale is set to make his first court appearance Friday. 34-year-old Isaiah Peoples faces eight counts of attempted murder charges. Four victims remain in the hospital. KTVU's Azenith Smith reports.

Sunnyvale crash victim: 'It happened so fast, I’m hoping everyone is okay'

Fifteen-year-old Miguel Balbuena is walking with crutches Wednesday night. He’s one of eight pedestrians who was hit and survived a horrific crash in Sunnyvale. Police identified the driver as 34-year-old Isaiah Peoples of Sunnyvale. Authorities said Peoples intentionally drove into the group as they were waiting at the light on El Camino Real, but that it was not an act of terrorism. KTVU's Azenith Smith reports.

Sunnyvale crash intentional, but not terrorism; man's mental health in question

Authorities in Sunnyvale are recommending eight counts of attempted murder charges for the driver who apparently acted intentionally when he ran over a group of people Tuesday night. Investigators say it was intentional but does not appear to be an act of organized terrorism. They're also looking into the suspect's mental health history. KTVU has team coverage

Authorities recommend 8 counts of attempted murder for Sunnyvale driver

Sunnyvale police held a news conference Wednesday afternoon where they said most of the eight victims in a crash that appears to have been intentional are in moderate and or stable condition. They are recommending 8 counts of attempted murder charges for the suspect, Isaiah Joel Peoples. A 13-year-old girl was hurt the most and remains in critical condition. KTVU's Ann Rubin reports.

Sunnyvale: Driver in custody after plowing into 8 people

A major injury collision occurred Tuesday evening in Sunnyvale, according to the city's department of public safety. A driver is in custody after plowing into eight people, sending them to the hospital with injuries. Witnesses say the driver did not slow down before hitting the people and crashing into a tree. KTVU's Azenith Smith reports.

Woman hoses down teen for playing loud music

A 13-year-old boy took video of a woman spraying him with water from her home's porch in Sunnyvale. She accuses the boy of playing his music too loudly. Now she may face a criminal charge. KTVU's Amber Lee reports.

Sunnyvale homeless shelter extending service

This week’s series of winter storms underscore the need for homeless shelters year-round according to some advocates. But most cold weather shelters are slated to close their doors in a few weeks. Jesse Gary reports.