How a potential government shutdown could jeopardize SF Fleet Week

We are now just one week away from a possible federal government shutdown and that could impact upcoming Fleet Week activities.

KTVU spoke with a Navy spokesperson Monday afternoon, that spokesperson said the Navy is in standby mode waiting to see how they will proceed. If there is no deal in place, there will be Navy ships in the Bay conducting normal military business, but there will be no tours and no Blue Angels air show.

Fleet Week is one of San Francisco's fall signature events. The Blue Angels take to the skies and military ships fill the Bay.

But, Congress has not passed a funding deal yet; and that could jeopardize next week's scheduled Fleet Week. At this point organizers say "San Francisco Fleet Week is standing by to take guidance from the Navy and our other military partners. Currently, our staff are continuing planning as usual for the greatest Fleet Week ever."

Joe D'Allesandro from SF Travel says Fleet Week is an important event for the city's hospitality industry. "Whether you're restaurants whether you're tour operators, whether you have a bike rental company that people come into town. Those people get impacted if fewer people come into town, so the negative impacts of a government shutdown really impacts a lot of people. 

Ten years ago budget cuts and a federal government shutdown meant the city missed out on Fleet Week in 2013. No ships in the Bay, and no air show. That also meant the city missed out on the million or so visitors Fleet Week draws and the money they spend.

Lucca Deli has been in operation for more than 90 years. Owner Paul Bosco says Fleet Week brings a welcome boost to business. "Yeah, it's crazy we'll be firing on all cylinders. We'll have Door Dash we'll be going crazy," said Bosco. "Our Lucca Deli App, people are going to order sandwiches off that. Like I said, I'll have a table out front and I'll be selling on the street Friday and Saturday."

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Word that the federal government can't pass a spending bill has him frustrated that DC politics could take a couple of the busiest days of the year off the table. "If they did a shutdown, I'm not going to say catastrophic, but it's just not going to help," said Bosco. "It's going to make things worse."

At this point SF Fleet Week says it's simply too early to say what Fleet Week will look like this year, they are saying they are continuing to make adjustments and are in communication with their military counterparts.