Public tours USS John P. Murtha along San Francisco's Embarcadero

Fleet Week continues this weekend with ship tours, music performances, and the popular air show including the Blue Angels. The lingering summer-like temperatures made for a perfect day for families to visit the city and learn about the military.

‘Squadron Bottle’ military tradition lives on at historic San Francisco hotel

The Top of the Mark rooftop bar at the Mark Hopkins hotel is the birthplace of “The Squadron Bottle," where servicemen would buy and leave a bottle of whiskey in the care of the bartender, so the next member from their squadron could enjoy a free drink. That tradition stopped after World War II, but has been revived and lives on.

Air shows underway in San Francisco's Fleet Week

The Blue Angels took to the sky Friday afternoon as Fleet Week picked up steam going into the weekend. The air show is one of the highlights of Fleet Week and the show did not disappoint.

San Francisco Fleet Week is on!

With a last-minute deal in Washington D.C. now signed, Fleet Week in San Francisco is officially underway with Navy ships in port and sailors and Marines onshore.

The meaning behind SF's famed Fleet Week

What people see at Fleet Week is just the tiniest tip of a gargantuan organization we call the United States Navy, the 247-year-old military branch that's on display this week. Fleet week celebrates the purpose, the power and the people of America's Navy.    But, by sheer volume, the U.S. Navy, with 480 warships and submarines ranks fourth, behind China with 777 , Russia with 603, and North Korea with 492. But where it really counts, the U.S. Navy has the most heavily armed, most technologically superior, best crewed ships on the planet. The tonnage of its active battle fleet alone is more that next 13 navies combined.

San Francisco Fleet Week's Parade of Ships enters the Bay

Fleet Week's Parade of Ships is an impressive show of military might on the San Francisco Bay. One visitor went on her father's request. He is a World War II veteran and was excited for her to be on the ship.

San Francisco prepares for Fleet Week 2022

San Francisco's Fleet Week begins next week. In a matter of days, Marina Green will be transformed as the Bay Area watches five Navy ships sail into the San Francisco Bay, and planes take to the air.