Postal worker robbed twice on same route in Oakland neighborhood

A postal worker in Oakland was robbed while making his rounds Wednesday morning.

The incident comes after police reported that there's been an increase in mail carrier holdups.

Authorities said the postal worker was delivering mail in the area of 41st Street and Telegraph Avenue in Oakland's Temescal neighborhood around 9:30 a.m. when he was confronted by two men.

One of the men distracted the worker while the second suspect robbed the mail carrier of his keys and punched him in the face.

The keys went to a nearby postal truck.

The two suspects got into a waiting U-Haul van that was last seen heading north on Telegraph.

"All in black, sweats, gets out and runs into that alley," said neighbor Mike Tierney, describing one of the robbers as a heavyset man.

"As I was watching him, he ran - the guy in black - he ran back out, ran into the U-Haul and they start driving off, and the mailman ran out chasing after them."

Neighbors said they were shocked at what happened to the postal worker who regularly delivers their mail. They said the man makes his stops around the same time each morning, which raises the possibility of the suspects being familiar with the carrier's daily routine.

The postal worker was previously robbed while on the job in the same neighborhood.

An ambulance arrived at the scene, but the worker didn't require treatment.

Officers with the Oakland Police Department and U.S. Postal Inspection Service canvassed the neighborhood for information and surveillance footage. 

Postal Inspector Matthew Norfleet said,"This is not a smart crime. This is not something that people will gain very much by."

The robbery of mail carrier is considered a federal crime.