Potential outbreak of Norovirus at Dublin Elementary School

One case of norovirus, a serious stomach flu, was reported Monday to Alameda County health officials by a doctor of a Dublin elementary school student, county health officials said.

A district spokeswoman told KTVU that 70 kids called in sick on Monday and about 35 of those students were specifically out because of flu-like symptoms which could indicate norovirus in those cases.

On Tuesday, 32 students had flu-like symptoms. As of Wednesday 46 students are out sick, but it's unclear how many were out with possible flu-like symptoms which could indicate norovirus.

So far, one student has been diagnosed with the virus.

The school underwent extensive cleaning over the weekend.

Families with children who may be sick are being told to stay home, and seek medical attention.

"It's been a thorough cleaning up to this point," Dublin Unified School District spokeswoman Michelle McDonald said.

What caused the student to get the virus hasn't been determined, McDonald said.

Friday was the first day that a significant number of students were getting sick and 46 were out today, but some of those students may have be out for reasons besides sickness.

Seventy students were out of school on Monday and 35 were having symptoms of the stomach flu.