Prayer answered for shelter dog

Photo from John Hwang 

An orphaned dog known as “Oliver the Praying Chihuahua” has been rescued. 

The abandoned Chihuahua was photographed with his paws clasped as if in prayer at an animal shelter by photographer John Hwang at the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter in Los Angeles. 

Hwang wrote on his Facebook page: “He stood on his hind legs, and clasped his front paws together. Up and down, up and down, he shook his paws towards anyone that came by, as if pleading, begging for his freedom.”

Not long after the photos were posted, a nonprofit called “Doggy Smiles Rescue” took Oliver in, rescuing from the threat of being euthanized. 

The nonprofit has put Oliver up for adoption and already has many willing applicants, who were touched by the photos of the praying dog.