President Trump butchers pronunciation of 'Yosemite' twice in White House speech

President Donald Trump had a bit of trouble pronouncing the name of one of the country's most beloved national treasures: Yosemite.

Trump made the slip-up while speaking at a White House ceremony on Tuesday where he signed a $3 billion bipartisan conservation bill. 

While referencing the giant sequoia trees found throughout Yosemite National Park, the president said, "When they gaze upon Yosemite's — Yosemite's towering sequoias, their love of country grows stronger and they know that every American has truly a duty to preserve this wondrous inheritance."

The president stumbled over the word, pronouncing it as YO-se-MIGHTS, USA Today points out. Trump gives it a second try, but butchers it again, referring to the park as "YO-se-min-NIGHT."

Social media users poked fun at the president on Twitter after his blunder.