Progress in crackdown on crime in San Francisco's Tenderloin

Police in San Francisco announced the results of a pre-Christmas crackdown. While some crimes are down, the area is still seeing more than its share of high profile crimes.

Police say keeping the Tenderloin area safe all starts with getting to know the community, talking with residents and businesses. 

The Tenderloin Station on Thursday tweeted that in the 10 days leading up to Christmas officers made 76 arrests for charges ranging from drugs to domestic violence and getting fugitives off the streets. The department also reported a 13 percent decrease in robberies compared to 2018 and a 16 percent decrease in burglaries.

Supervisor Matt Haney says the data is encouraging. 

"That's definitely encouraging to hear that our community is getting safer," he said. "It's a partnership, the great work that the officers are doing, the great work that the community members are doing."

The Tenderloin Station has specific officers helping to nurture that relationship, on what are called "problem-solving" beats, meeting with the community, and addressing concerns. Police leadership partly credit that relationship building for helping to slow crime.
             While police are making strides the community has still been plagued with high profile crimes, including two recent homicides, one on Christmas Eve. 

"Anytime something tragic happens we need to make sure that we're doing everything possible to keep this community safe," said Supervisor Haney.

The supervisor and police agree that a lot of those people committing crime or who are getting arrested in the Tenderloin, don't live in the area. They're coming from other areas to commit crimes here.