Proposed homeless navigation center in Fremont faces intense opposition

The City of Fremont is facing intense opposition over a proposed navigation center to serve homeless people. 

City leaders have narrowed down the location to two possible sites either in the Decoto neighborhood or behind city hall

Hundreds of residents on Tuesday protested outside Fremont City Hall over the new shelter. 

Niraj Jetly, who lives next to city hall, said he's concerned about safety issues if the navigation center opens up in the area. 

"Our suggestion is, look at all the avenues available for the city of Fremont," Jetly said. "Maybe look at an industrial area where there are not a lot of residents where safety is not compromised. At the same time, we're taking care of the homeless community."

The city selected the two possible sites based on proximity to public transportation and food services. 

The goal is to house up to 45 people for half a year and put them in permanent housing 

The city hopes to open the navigation center by next year saying Fremont's homeless population has jumped 27 percent in two years. 

Two community outreach meetings will be held next month and officials say they're ultimately going to make a decision someone is not happy about.