Protest at Oakland fast food restaurant

Black Workers Matter rally in North Oakland

OAKLAND, Calif. (KTVU) -- A group of fast food workers and community activists protested at a McDonald's Saturday afternoon in North Oakland.

The group, estimated at around 75 people, gathered at a nearby shopping plaza at 5505 Telegraph Avenue, and marched a few blocks to the McDonald's on Telegraph.

The protesters demanded that a long-time worker get his job back.

They claimed that the worker "was removed from the schedule with no explanation" more than a month ago.

They also claimed that the employee had never been disciplined during his 6 years at McDonald's, yet he only received a 50-cent raise over that time.

The protest was part of the "Black Workers Matter" campaign.

Demonstrators called for restaurant workers to union, and for the minimum wage be increased to $15 an hour.

Police officers were at the scene, to maintain order.

McDonald's could not be reached for comment.