Protests against Judge Persky taking place across Bay Area

Protests are taking place across the Bay Area against Judge Aaron Perky, the judge who gave Turner his sentencing, one that many believe to have been too lenient. 

Brock Turner was sentenced to six months, of which he served half, after being convicted of sexually assaulting a woman. 

Members of the group Ultraviolet took to bicycles to pedal three bicycle billboards that read "Thanks to Judge Persky, Brock Turner Served Just 3 Months in Jail" around the Santa Clara courthouse and jail.

According to the group, they have delivered signatures of more than 1,000,000 members to the California Commission on Judicial Performance to petition the removal of Judge Persky. In addition, they have organized a letter with over 1000 Stanford Alumni calling on the commission to remove the judge.

Ultraviolet describes themselves as an "online community of over 1,000,000 women and men who want to take collective action to expose and fight sexism in the public sector, private sector, and the media". 

Another rally was held at the Hall of Justice in San Jose. Protestors also want to Judge Persky to be recalled. Speakers included Committee to Recall Judge Perksy Chair Michele Dauber, multiple California Representatives, Senators, sexual assault survivors, and the Mayor of Palo Alto.