Punjabis and Mexican dance together on July 4 and the Internet goes crazy

Punjabi and Mexican neighbors dance in Stockton on July 4, 2017. Photo: Jashandeep Kahlon

There's a lot of negativity in the country right now, especially as the bad feelings relate to immigrants and race.

But one neighborhood in Stockton transcended all that on July 4. And Jashandeep Kahlon, 20, took the time to capture that slice of love on his cell phone.

His tweet has since between retweeted more than 45,000 times. A Facebook post he made has generated more than 22 million views.

In an interview Wednesday with KTVU on Wednesday, the San Francisco State University international relations major said he had no idea this scene would spark so much interest.

"People probably think it's either really funny or they like that two different cultures and having fun together,"

Kahlon said he was hanging out with family and friends in his hometown on Independence Day playing Punjabi music when suddenly, the neighbors, many of them who hail from Mexico started dancing in the street. Then the Mexicans started playing Spanish music and the Punjabis didn't skip a beat.

The video shows dozens of people hopping and bouncing in the street, Bhangra music beating in the background. 

With all the talk in the United States recently of deportations and travel bans, and with hate crimes against minorities on the rise, Kahlon said he's really happy to see that "two  minorities getting together to celebrate together as American."