Puppy Bowl's goal is raising awareness about pet adoption

Millions of people are expected to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, but some may tune into another type of "bowl" before it. 

The Puppy Bowl also airs on Sunday, with the ultimate goal of raising awareness about pet adoption.

Some of the puppies from Humane Society Silicon Valley are four-legged 49ers fans and friends of two Puppy Bowl competitors, Frankie and Niner, chosen from the shelter to compete in the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl this year.

"Frankie was the smallest of the group and a spitfire," said Human Society Silicon Valley Vice President Nancy Willis. "Niner was the chunkiest, biggest boy, and together, I knew they would be so cute on screen."

They had a chance to train with some of the 49ers ahead of their big game.

"Each puppy had a 49ers coach," Willis said. "There was a lot of smack-talking about whose puppy was going to get chosen, and ultimately both got chosen to go to the big game."

After recording the Puppy Bowl, Frankie and Niner went on to be adopted by two families that live across the street from one another in Portland.

Willis said there are dozens of other puppies here still looking for a home.

"We have more than 60 animals available for adoption right now," she said. "I think it's the lack of housing, pet-friendly housing is a problem." 

Their biggest challenge is fostering and adopting out large dogs that weigh more than 50 pounds.

As Puppy Bowl competitors, Frankie and Niner are now ambassadors. 

The Humane Society Silicon Valley is running a $49 special to adopt out some of their "friends" at the shelter. For more information go to HSSV.org.