Puppy rescued from trash at Oroville recology site

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A puppy was lucky to be saved by a worker at the Oroville Recology site.

Recology tells KTVU the worker, Will Smith, was driving a tractor to move trash as he heard whimpering.

He followed the sound and begin to dig through the trash. After about half an hour, Smith had located the puppy.
According to a report by KRCR, the puppy's head was stuck in the trash. Smith was able to free the puppy. As he held the puppy, it stopped whining.

The puppy, later named Sierra, was infested with fleas. Smith purchased dog shampoo and gave the pup a bath and a manager paid to get her checked out at a veterinarian's office.

It's unclear how the puppy ended up in the trash. According to Recology, similar looking puppies were found close to the same location a few days earlier. Recology is located across the street from the SPCA so employees have speculated that someone may have dumped a litter of puppies in the area.

A Recology employee ended up adopting the puppy and named her Sierra.