Raccoons break into Redwood City bank

Courtesy: Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA.

A pair of curious juvenile raccoons managed to make their way inside a Redwood City bank on Monday morning, according to the Peninsula Humane Society.

A man using the ATM machine spotted the fur-masked intruders in the early hours before the bank was open. He initially believed he was looking at a stuffed animal on top of a desk inside the business. 

“It’s not every day an animal organization gets called to deal with a bank break in, but since the bank robbers were masked bandits of the wildlife kind, we were indeed the appropriate responders,” said the Humane Society Communications Manager Buffy Martin Tarbox. 


Courtesy: Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA

Rescue staff was let in by the bank managers and they were able to nudge the animals outside after about 10 minutes of chasing them around the facility. 

As for the entrance theory, one of the trees outside of the bank had muddy pawprints on it, so the Peninsula Humane Society suspects the raccoons climbed a tree to the roof of the building and managed to crawl through an air duct before falling through ceiling tiles to the bank’s floor. 

“There were several broken ceiling tiles, and the masked bandits knocked papers around and even a computer over,” said Tarbox. “Thankfully the raccoons were not injured during their morning escapade, and to our knowledge they didn’t abscond with any money.”