Rain soaks Bay Area, South Bay PG&E customers without power

Wet and windy weather moved into the Bay Area Tuesday, causing some headaches for South Bay residents and bringing needed rain to the area.

A steady downpour of rain drenched the Santa Cruz Mountains Tuesday afternoon.
"It's been pretty darn gloomy...pretty gloomy and cold," said Danielle Wiest of Felton.
In Felton, the storm produced a steady stream of runoff with raindrops fueling the San Lorenzo River and giving drought-ridden trees a boost.
On Highway 17, Cal Trans crews were ready to respond to any possible mud or rock slides on the infamously windy thoroughfare.

Signs were posted, warning drivers to slow down and the CHP responded to several spin outs.
In San Jose near the Los Gatos border, the storm was a little problematic on Sandy Lane where 14 PG&E customers lost power.

PG&E says the electricity went out at 10:30 Tuesday morning because a tree was touching electrical equipment.

The power went out right as Jerry Adomshick was working to fix his busted water heater.
"I can't finish my plumbing job that I'm in the middle of. We're trying to do it with flashlights but it's difficult. Hopefully they'll have the power on shortly," said Adomshick.
At last check, his power had been out for six hours.
But despite the inconvenience, Adomshick still had a positive attitude about the steady stream of rain drops.
"I'm just happy it's here because we need it," said Adomshick.
In Downtown San Jose, the wind made for a chilly first day back to work and school for many.

Fleece-lined boots didn't help warm one Fremont mother of two, Millicent Dizon Depeiro.

"It doesn't feel like California! I mean we're totally spoiled here when we have to wear bundles like this running errands, returning things to the mall, it's not that fun," said Depeiro.

The top of Mount Hamilton Tuesday morning was covered by a light dusting of snow.
Lick Observatory Facilities Supervisor Joe Halay said it didn't last long.
"It's beautiful, it's beautiful to wake up to and look at but when you have to work it's a different story," said Halay.
Also a different story when Kiet Le of Morgan Hill tried to snow board there without enough snow.
"I was just in Tahoe the other day for New Years--had to get some more 'shreddage' in," said Le.
At last check, PG&E said the most customers affected by the storm were in the North Bay, with about 450 people without power. They also say about 100 customers were without electricity in the South Bay.