Rainstorm causes flooding, downed trees all over Bay Area

The wet weather didn't show any signs of letting up Saturday as the Bay Area was pelted with copious amounts of rain.

In the East Bay, roadways flooded causing traffic backups as vehicles had to find new streets to get around inundated areas.

Heavy rain caused severe flooding in several areas of San Francisco Saturday, downing trees and turning streets into what looked to be lakes.

The Van Ness MUNI station was closed for several hours as crews worked to cleanup what the rain had left behind.

Winds, which gusted to 40 miles per hour in certain areas, may have been to blame for topping a tree in San Francisco that injured a man and a woman.

In Oakland, a large tree caused a significant amount of damage to a home in the Montclair neighborhood. Photos shared on Twitter from the Oakland Fire Department showed the large tree branches sitting on the deck of an indoor pool. The roof had collapsed due to the weight of the large tree.

 Flooded freeway on and off-ramps were an all too common sight for drivers. KTVU anchor Claudine Wong shared this video showing flooding just off of Highway 24 in Lafayette.

Meteorologist Rosemary Orozco forecasts the heaviest rain is over, however light to moderate showers are expected to continue Saturday evening into Sunday. The rain will eventually let up sometime Sunday afternoon.