Rally held for woman with genetic disorder who fears deportation

Dozens of doctors and nurses gathered at UCSF Benioff Childrens Hospital in Oakland in support of Isabel Bueso. She is one of their out-patients who is fighting for her life while worrying the government will deport her.

"My hope is a solution will come out of this," Bueso told a cheering crowd.

Bueso is a native of Guatamala who now lives in Concord. She's become a national story.

Bueso receives what doctors say is life-saving treatment at the hospital for a rare and potentially deadly genetic disorder called MPS-6. It stunts her growth and affects her heart, breathing and more.

That treatment is not available in Guatamala.

"If she didn't have this enzyme replacement therapy she wouldn't be here today. She can't stop taking it," said Dr. Richard Rowe, one of her doctors.

Bueso recently received a deportation notice that said she had 33 days to leave.

It also said the U.S. was canceling medical deferments that allowed Isabel to receive the treatment she's been getting since she was seven years old when she was  invited by the hospital to participate in a drug study.

"We don't have enough people in the U.S. with these rare diseases. We have to look abroad. She came with that invitation," says Dr. Rowe.

"It's not just about Isabel. It is about medical care for all vulnerable immigrants who need to be treated in America," said nurse Wendy Bloom.

Earlier this week the Trump administration said it will now review Isabel's and other medical deferment cases.

But there are no guarantees she can stay or for how long.

So supporters are organizing rallies to put pressure on the White House.

"I'm happy to be the voice for those families going through what I am. And we are all in this together," ​​​​​Bueso said.

Bueso is a graduate of Cal State East Bay. Students and faculty rallied in support in front of Hayward City Hall Friday evening. 

Bueso is planning to travel to testify before a Congress subcommittee about her plight and those of others just like her.