Rat Cafe: New pop-up in SF offers a chance to get cozy with rats

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How about a rodent with that coffee? While many eateries take measures to make sure their establishment is rat-free, there's a new pop-up cafe in San Francisco that's offering visitors a chance to sit among rats while they enjoy their morning coffee or tea.

The Rat Cafe debuted on July 1 inside The San Francisco Dungeon, an interactive attraction in Fisherman's Wharf that brings to life old San Francisco and its dark past, taking visitors on a journey through theater, special effects and even an underground boat ride.

The venue offers a section on the rat-borne bubonic plague that hit San Francisco in the early 1900's.

The "Black Plague's" first reported incident in the continental U.S. was in San Francisco's Chinatown.

So when the Dungeon considered ways to explore that part of the city's past, naturally, it figured a rat cafe would offer a pretty unique experience.

For about $50 a ticket, guests are offered a breakfast pastry, coffee or tea, and of course some quality time with a handful of friendly rats.

After breakfast, guests get 15 minutes of rat time and the ticket includes admission to The San Francisco Dungeon.

The Woodside based-Rattie Ratz, provided the rodents. The non-profit group helps place pet rats in homes.

The limited pop-up is set to open again on Saturday.

But if you want to go, you're out of luck. Tickets are sold out.

However, if this rat experience has always been a dream of yours, don't lose hope. The venue is considering plans for additional dates.