RAW VIDEO: Fists fly as Trump supporter walks through crowd of protesters

Christopher Conway may have been the bravest man in Burlingame Friday morning.

Dressed in suit and wearing a red baseball cap with the words "Make America Great Again", Conway walked through a large group of Donald Trump protesters outside the California GOP Convention. As you might image, the protesters weren't happy to see him.

Within minutes, fists were flying as the crowd pushed and pulled at Conway. Undeterred, he continued his march down Bayshore Highway toward the Hyatt Regency.

"This is my hometown, this is Burlingame," he said to reporters, while trying to catching his breath. "And I ain't scared of nobody. Not now, not ever."

Seconds later, a protester pulled off his red baseball cap and threw it into the air.

Hundreds of people gathered outside the Hyatt Friday morning to protest Trump, who was scheduled to be the lunchtime speaker at the convention. The protesters tried to get into the building several times, but police were able to stop them.

As Conway continued his trek down Bayshore, some protesters tried to protect him from the crowd. One even found his red baseball cap and returned it. Another man came over and said, "You're so lucky, because I saved your ass."

Finally Conway spotted some police officers standing on the perimeter of the crowd and yelled, "Are you going to let me get beat up?"

Moments later he reached the officers and spoke briefly to reporters who had surrounded him. "I kind of expected it, and this is my hometown. I've been kicked, I've been punched. But I ain't going nowhere. This is Burlingame, my hometown, Trump!"

And with that, officers helped Conway over a barrier. He then clumsily crawled over a large hedge, fixed his hat, and then gave the crowd a wave and a thumbs up.