Reality star Kardashian makes a stir at Castro Theatre

SAN FRANCISCO (KTVU) -- Social media icon Kim Kardashian made an appearance at the Castro Theatre on Tuesday night where Inforum -- a division of the Commonwealth Club that focuses on topics that appeal to young professionals -- invited her to speak.

Kardashian caused quite a spectacle outside the Castro. She arrived in an SUV with tinted windows through the theater's back entrance.

Kardashian is definitely different than the guest the Commonwealth Club usually invites to speak.

Interestingly enough, the woman who makes her living as a reality television star living her life in front of cameras ducked news cameras as excited fans tried to get a glimpse of her as she arrived.

"I'm obsesseed with her. I just love everything she does," said Stephanie Gutierrez from Santa Cruz.

The 34 year old -- known for her selfies and massive number of social media followers -- was captured on video by fans using their cell phones.

"I was really happy and excited, so I can show everyone," said teen Vanessa Chua, who's visiting from Singapore. She told KTVU she follows Kardashian on Instagram and Twitter.

No news cameras were allowed inside the theater per Kardashian's request. However, cell phones were permitted.

During her 45-minute talk with moderator and retired state judge LaDoris Cordell, the two discussed Kardashian's phenomenal social media following and the reasons for her fame.

Kardashian credits her "oversharing" and personally handling all her social media posts and engaging with fans for her success.

"My career is based on openness and honesty. I love having relationships with people on social media," said Kardashian, who decribes herself as a workaholic. "Sometimes people think that with looks things will come easy. I really encourage people to put in the work."

In contrast , the Commonwealth Club also invited former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren to speak in Palo Alto Tuesday night.

Cordell, who has moderated eight speaking engagements for the Commonwealth Club, said Kardashian has made an impact.

"Anyone who has over 20 million Instagram followers and we're not even counting twitter and the others, certainly I think she has something to say," said Cordell

Tickets ranged from $50 up to about $230 dollars for VIP access, which included free copies of Kardashian's book "Selfish" and front row seats.