Recall election supporters target Highway 24 drivers

The recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom is quickly approaching. In the East Bay, some people in favor of the recall are displaying large signs on a Highway 24 overpass in hopes of getting people to vote Newsom out of office. 

The latest polling shows the recall election is almost too close to call. 

According to Realclearpolitics' average of four recent polls, the polls found that Governor Newsom is losing 48% to 47.5%.

"We're out here because we're trying to encourage people of California to realize that the leadership of Gavin Newsom has failed them in many many areas," said one woman from the Highway 24 overpass in Lafayette. 

Other symbols the Highway 24 protesters brandish are the Thin Blue Line, pro law-enforcement flag and flags supporting former President Donald Trump. 

The protesters had previously been the center of attention when Lafayette city leaders, last spring, discussed the legality of attaching signs to the chain link fence. 

It was a matter or public safety and distracting drivers versus First Amendment rights.